Saint Walpurga’s Church

The chapel was converted into a Roman church in 1249 and extended around 1500, in the Gothic style. After the Iconoclasm, it was used as a Lutheran temple. From the seventeenth century onwards, the church had to contend with stability problems. As a result, it was closed in 1798. In 1806, the parish was abolished. The brotherhood of Our Lady of Good Success, which had used the church as its headquarters, moved to the parish of St. Anthony of Padua, while its effects were transferred to St. Paul’s. Under Napoleon, the French navy used the church as a warehouse. In 1817-1818, the building was demolished to make way for Sint-Walburgisplein. The choir, which remained in place, as it was part of the building block, burnt down in 1866.

Façade with the choir of St. Walpurga’s church
“Interior of St. Walpurga’s Church” (Ghering)
Overview of the fortress
Cross-section of St. Walpurga’s Church (Kerricx)
Seventeenth-century relic of Our Lady of Good Success
Reliquary for St. Walpurga’s mandible
The crypt of St. Walpurga’s Church (J. Linnig)